Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week: Campervans for $1 a day! SAY WHA?!

lisas-travel-deal-of-the-week-2Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week

Short of being paid to go (and if you find someone who does such a thing, please let me know!), holidays don’t get much cheaper than campervan relocations, where you pay a nominal amount, anywhere from $1-$25 a day, to drive a van from Point A to Point B and experience all the hijinks and hilarity in between. You have to be pretty flexible with when and where you’re willing to go, but this week we spotted that currently has more routes and van types on offer  than you can poke a steering wheel at, which means you’re not going to get stuck having to drive to Darwin by tomorrow night. Click here for more info.

2 Responses to “Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week: Campervans for $1 a day! SAY WHA?!”
  1. mel says:

    That’s so cool! I really want to do that. Thanks!

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