Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week: G’day USA

lisas-travel-deal-of-the-week-gday-usaLisa’s Travel Deal of the Week: G’day USA

They said it would never happen again, but like so many they’s before them, they got it wrong. Over the past couple of weeks, airfares to the USA have dropped to the bargain-basement prices we haven’t seen since mid-2009, when airline execs across the land swore up and down that 2010 would be about raising fares, increasing yields and just generally getting out of the gloomy depths of the GFC. And yet here we are again, with the airlines’ accountants banging their heads against their calculators while the travelling public rejoice that they can fly from Melbourne to LA for as little as $908 return including taxes.  Wanna know more? This week at Travelzoo Towers we did our round-up of the best fares in the market, which you can check out here:

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