• Mount Annan Botanic Garden

    Camden, NSW

    Wednesday, September 6, 2017

    It’s taken me a while to write this. I wasn’t sure about Camden at first. It’s supremely weird moving from a tiny apartment in the city – complete with yell-y crazy neighbour, sparkly city lights, ambient bus noise and a fancy cafe on the doorstep – to a giant house in the country. Bridgewater is one […]

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  • Kindess


    Tuesday, July 18, 2017

    Forget everything you’ve been taught. Forget about achieving. Forget about Bachelors degrees, or Honours, or Masters. Forget about owning things. Forget about money. Forget everything but this. Kindness is the only thing that matters. Kindness to yourself, because that’s where all kindness begins. Look upon yourself with love. With compassion. With humour. And then turn […]

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  • Australian freelancers

    Australian freelance writers

    Monday, July 3, 2017

    Freelancing is a tough gig but it’s one worth pursuing if you want (or need) to manage your time in a way that sits outside the 9 to 5 norm. On the upside, you are free to follow your interests, have full control – and responsibility for – your schedule and business administration, and you can […]

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  • Travel quiz

    SheGoes travel quiz

    Tuesday, June 27, 2017

    Trivia Tuesday is back! Trivia and travel tragics (alliteration overload) – this one is for you! Questions What is the airport code for Dallas Fort Worth? Which continent would you be on if you were eating pap? Where does the sun rise first? What does IATA stand for? Where does the Trans-Siberian railway start and finish? […]

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  • gentle living

    In praise of the everyday

    Monday, June 26, 2017

    After years of writing about – and occasionally experiencing – some pretty fancy stuff, I have to say that I am loving the humble life. Aldi Champagne instead of Veuve. Homemade casseroles instead of degustations. Days of laundry, writing, baby mama-ing and coffees with friends. There’s a lot of joy to be found in this new […]

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Exploring Berlin by Thea Easterby

Exploring Berlin By Thea Easterby Normally I prefer to explore a new city on foot, however due to the sheer size of Berlin, I purchased a day ticket for one of the hop on/hop off bus services.  This tour allows you to explore what once was the East and West sides of the city. With […]

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Best City in the World

I was recently asked to write a post for Tourism Sydney’s Best City in the World blog which was very, very, very exciting. Here is my story, live on the interwebs: http://bestcityintheworld.wordpress.com/ A lady named Jeanette asked me to expand on which streets/suburbs I was referring to in this post. Well, my friends, I was being […]

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Travel Tales: Jack Carty (Look out America, he’s coming your way!)

Free to a good home – shiny new Australian musician Before we launch into Jack’s excellent adventures, I have a very big favour to ask all of you. Does anyone have any contacts in the hotel industry in the USA? Or even just a group of folk music-lovin’ friends who might be able to help Jack […]

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I’m coming to stay…

These words strike fear into my foolish heart. I like visitors; I really do. They come, they visit, they leave. It’s the stayers I worry about. I have a very bad habit of inviting people to everything. Seriously, buy me a drink and I will invite you to my wedding. I am that kind of […]

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Top 10 Travel Tips

Top 10 Travel Tips I learn everything the hard way so these tips are the result of years of suffering. Please don’t make the same mistakes as me. 1. Take warm socks and a jumper on the plane, even if you are going somewhere hot. The 15 hours of frigid torture aboard a freezing aircraft […]

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Tourism Australia wants you!

Want to win a $25,000 Australian holiday? What’s that? Did you say, ‘Hell, yes!’? Tourism Australia is running a competition to find the best Australian Holiday experiences. All you have to do is submit a photograph from a recent Aussie holiday, along with a 25 word explanation of what you loved about it. Here’s a […]

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Tipster Tuesday: Argentina

This just in from Cousin Mick: ‘Does anyone know about the cost of ski passes, cheap accomm, etc, in any of the ski resorts in South America?’ I didn’t even know Argentina had snow but I know you guys are a lot smarter than me – can you help him?

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The Geography of Beauty: Hot or not?

In some countries, I am considered beautiful, and yet in other countries, I am considered a blubbery, white freak show. The conclusion I have drawn is that beauty is as cultural as anything else. My friend Tennille who is currently living in India recently wrote about a particularly cringeworthy visit to the beauty salon. She was told by […]

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‘O’ Vegas

‘O’ Vegas By Thea Easterby After hearing rave reviews from a friend, I had to see the ‘O’ Cirque Du Soleil show at The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas but by the time we arrived in Vegas the show was sold out. Since I was staying at the hotel anyway, I popped by the booking […]

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Itchy Feet Youth Travel Festival – Sydney

If my feet were any itchier, I would be going to the chemist and buying some anti-fungal cream.  I  have a maniacal habit of interrogating people about their favourite places, ogling brochures and poring over travel features and books and blogs and basically anything I can get my nerdy little brain cells on. My travel […]

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