• Mount Annan Botanic Garden

    Camden, NSW

    Wednesday, September 6, 2017

    It’s taken me a while to write this. I wasn’t sure about Camden at first. It’s supremely weird moving from a tiny apartment in the city – complete with yell-y crazy neighbour, sparkly city lights, ambient bus noise and a fancy cafe on the doorstep – to a giant house in the country. Bridgewater is one […]

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  • Kindess


    Tuesday, July 18, 2017

    Forget everything you’ve been taught. Forget about achieving. Forget about Bachelors degrees, or Honours, or Masters. Forget about owning things. Forget about money. Forget everything but this. Kindness is the only thing that matters. Kindness to yourself, because that’s where all kindness begins. Look upon yourself with love. With compassion. With humour. And then turn […]

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  • Australian freelancers

    Australian freelance writers

    Monday, July 3, 2017

    Freelancing is a tough gig but it’s one worth pursuing if you want (or need) to manage your time in a way that sits outside the 9 to 5 norm. On the upside, you are free to follow your interests, have full control – and responsibility for – your schedule and business administration, and you can […]

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  • Travel quiz

    SheGoes travel quiz

    Tuesday, June 27, 2017

    Trivia Tuesday is back! Trivia and travel tragics (alliteration overload) – this one is for you! Questions What is the airport code for Dallas Fort Worth? Which continent would you be on if you were eating pap? Where does the sun rise first? What does IATA stand for? Where does the Trans-Siberian railway start and finish? […]

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  • gentle living

    In praise of the everyday

    Monday, June 26, 2017

    After years of writing about – and occasionally experiencing – some pretty fancy stuff, I have to say that I am loving the humble life. Aldi Champagne instead of Veuve. Homemade casseroles instead of degustations. Days of laundry, writing, baby mama-ing and coffees with friends. There’s a lot of joy to be found in this new […]

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Songs for the road

Every trip I have ever been on comes with a soundtrack. This all started with the annual drive to South West Rocks. My Dad always played tapes of the Johns – Williamson and Farnham. I know all the lyrics to ‘Hey True Blue’ and ‘You’re the Voice’, a handy skill if ever there was one. Mum, on the other […]

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Our nation’s capital

I used to think Canberra was really lame; a grid of brown brick and tile, bitumen and drought-stricken paddocks. I even remember having a heated debate with my Dad who was trying to convince me to move there for a well-paid government job. At the time I thought that no amount of money could lure me to Australia’s […]

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Barcelona By Lauren Barker She has soul, this old girl, and an easy way of getting under the skin. Her streets are a smudge of colour, her heartbeat erratic. Everywhere, there is life. From the old barflies in the taverns to the nippers on the beach, the pursuit of pleasure steers the way. The city […]

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Travel Tales: Valerie Khoo

Name: Valerie Khoo Age: 39 Occupation: Director of the Sydney Writers’ Centre, Journalist, Keynote Speaker Favourite travel destination?: My favourite place in the world is home. To me, it’s like being in heaven. But as for travel destinations, I would say New York. It’s exciting, vibrant and full of wonderful things to see and do. […]

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The Ubiquity of Bob Marley

I was reading a short story recently wherein the protagonist asked his most widely travelled friend about the commonalities between countries – essentially, what was the same everywhere. The answer was, ‘The ubiquity of sparrows.’ This is a startlingly true observation. There are sparrows everywhere. The only country where I didn’t see a lot of sparrows was Vietnam (birds […]

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Foreign Correspondent: Georgia Keighery

Name: Georgia Keighery Age: (actual age) 31, (emotional age) 12. Occupation: Writer Where do you live?: I live in an area of Singapore know as Tanjong Rhu (home of the many blocks of condominiums that house the countless expats that live in this city). Why did you move there?: I moved here because my husband, […]

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Why do we travel?

There are so many reasons to board the plane. Sometimes we are running away from our jobs, responsibilities and the repetition of the same faces over and over again. Broken hearts and bored minds have sold more berths than sound reasoning could ever justify. Sometimes we are running to something – a place we have patiently […]

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Travel Tales: Jen Bishop

Name: Jen Bishop Age: 28 Occupation: Magazine editor Favourite travel destination?: Paris is my favourite city in the world and I’ve been there 13 times (not so easy now I live in Australia and not the UK!). I love the architecture, the culture, the art, the people, the wine, the romantic atmosphere; everything! I have […]

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Moira’s Ancient Wonders: Rome’s Rubbish Tip

Yes, even the ancients had waste management issues. And in the case of ancient Rome, the culprit was olive oil amphorae. Monte Testaccio is a man-made hill consisting of millions of pottery shards which date back around 2,000 years. And when I heard about it while watching a history doco, I knew I had to […]

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Do you want to be a travel writer?

Hello Fair Citizen of SheGoesica, Do you dream of sharing your travel stories with the world? Have you recently been on a trip? Do you simply like reviewing travel-related books, films and gadgets? If you answered yes to any of the above, SheGoes wants you! SheGoesica is a democracy and as self-appointed Communications Director, I want […]

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