Sponsored video: Kia Ora hot ladies!

So I talked about the making of the new Air New Zealand safety video earlier this week and now it’s here: What I love about this safety demo-cum-advertisement is the incorporation of Cook Islands’ traditions; hula dancing, hangis (cooking underground), canoeing and the ever-present leis that are a huge part of South Pacific culture. Air […]

Are you a gay kiwi?

Gay marriage woo hoo

Wanna get married? Air New Zealand aka The World’s Most Awesome Airline has announced that it will marry one lucky couple onboard a flight between Queenstown and Auckland on August 19, the day gay marriage becomes legal in NZ. Kiwi couples keen to walk down the aisle on board the Air New Zealand flight are invited to […]

Air NZ meets Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls

I want to hug the marketing team at Air New Zealand. I also want to go to their team meetings. Honestly, has there ever been a more creative, brave group of people with an appreciation of the ridiculous? They’re Monty Python for a new generation. Check out their latest work – The Bear Essentials safety video – […]

Airline awards

I adore flying. Everything from the in-flight entertainment to the crew’s uniforms gives me a massive kick. The second I step on board a plane, I know that no one can ring me or email me, that someone will take care of my every need and I can guiltlessly watch back-to-back movies for as long […]

Let’s all drink Champagne in a Cook Islands paradise


I am obsessed with three things at the moment: 1) Words with Friends, 2) Twitter, 3) the Cook Islands. The First Husband and I are planning a trip to the Cook Islands because Air New Zealand are launching direct flights from Sydney to Rarotonga in July, meaning that it only takes 6 hours to get there […]

Cook Islands: Just like Hawaii but without the franchises


I attribute my love of all things rustic and natural to my semi-hippie, semi-hillbilly upbringing. My sister had a pet rooster, we grew our own broad beans and we lived next door to my Grandmother. We didn’t have any gaps in our teeth, per se, but I’m pretty sure we had a moonshine still stashed […]

Seat wars by Melanie Mahoney


Seat Wars By Melanie Mahoney Flying brings its own unique challenges. The drying air, the elbow-room wars, the bottles of wine so tiny you have to ask for a new one every 15 minutes… ah, good times. But there are some fantastic things too. Top of the list is being upgraded, but that’s more urban […]