Scoot: A review

Low-cost airlines are something I have a lot of time for ever since I went back to being a journo (see: financial destitution). Subsequently, I have concertinaed myself into every kind of cheap seat for a short-haul flight to Asia and I am here to tell you, there is a big difference between carriers. In the same way that […]

Airline Review: Etihad


When I think of the Middle East, I tend to think of blingful excess. Gold toilets, $1000 cocktails and jaguar necklaces with sapphires for eyes. Sadly Etihad, Abu Dhabi’s national carrier, is nothing like that. Etihad is elegant, understated and in every way, a calming experience. The planes are new, the seat back entertainment units work (even if […]

Airline Review: V Australia


I am a bit cynical about the concept of brand loyalty because I know how much psychological manipulation goes into separating consumers from their money. Nevertheless, I have big ol’ crush on V Australia because they make flying a sexy experience. From the ambient lighting that changes colour during the flight, to the genuinely happy […]