Horsey holidays


By Emma Jane There’s nothing quite like riding the ranges on horseback, flags of hair whipping the wind and the sky, in an ever present distance. Horses are powerful, curious and adventurous, carrying explorers across every imaginable landscape; a silent, watchful companion to some of the most monumental discoveries and events history has to offer. […]

Graffitimundo tour, Buenos Aires

Graffitimundo 1

Lisa O’Brien gets high on aerosol in the city of ‘fair winds’. The instructions in the email are simple: ‘Meet in Colegiales at the corner of two roads – Conde and Jorge Newbery.’ Colegiales is a quiet residential barrio of Buenos Aires, so this random intersection at first seems an unlikely starting point for the […]

Tipster Tuesday: Argentina


This just in from Cousin Mick: ‘Does anyone know about the cost of ski passes, cheap accomm, etc, in any of the ski resorts in South America?’ I didn’t even know Argentina had snow but I know you guys are a lot smarter than me – can you help him?

Travel Tales: Margarita Peker

Name: Margarita Peker Age: 22 Occupation: Publicist Favourite travel destination?: Argentina – it has more to offer in one country than any other I’ve ever been to. I’ve been absorbed in the hustle of Buenos Aires for weeks, tasted some of the best wines in Mendoza, gone adventuring in the Andes in Patagonia, and been […]