Pine Rose Inn, Oakhurst, CA


There are some upsides to winging it in the accommodation game. One of those upsides is Pine Rose Inn. The freshly minted First Husband and I went on a US road trip for the first part of our honeymoon. We landed in LA, drove up the Big Sur to Hearst Castle and then backtracked through […]

Yo Yosemite


Nature has, once again, messed with my plans. The big idea was to drive over the Tioga Pass and down to Vegas via Death Valley (the driest place on earth – my inner-David Attenborough cannot get enough of that stuff). One small problem. National Parks closed Tioga Pass (the only road across the Sierra Nevada […]

Hearst Castle: The Enchanted Mountain


I was expecting something really garish, like Liberace and Zsa Zsa Gabor’s mongrel offspring but, once again, America surprised me. Hearst Castle is utterly beautiful. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, it’s what God would do if he had the money. Rising up from the eerie and ever-present fog of San Simeon stands a […]