Sea-sided in Sihanoukville

A Weimann_Sihanoukville (1)

Anya Weimann’s account of a languorous Cambodian paradise Sihanoukville is a strange paradise, composed of dusty red-soil roads, colour-chequered huts and houses and weather-beaten seaside bungalows. The highest point fall into space on two sides and lush green fields rolls down on one, powdery picture-perfect sand to the ocean on the other. All the names […]

The 2011 Angkor Wat Half Marathon

Angkor Wat

Georgia Keighery runs like a gentle breeze in Cambodia The thing is this: if you rewind almost exactly 10 years, to almost exactly the same Sunday morning, I was in Sydney, rolling out of a club in the city and literally bumping straight into a marathon that was going on there. In my state, it […]

Same Same, but Different


There once were some boys named Two Tims, Who went overseas on a whim, When they got there, The folks loved their hair, Those crazy young boys named Two Tims.   There is nothing quite like a limerick to start off your Monday right, right? Remember the Two Tims who were profiled in Travel Tales […]

Travel Tales: Valerie Khoo


Name: Valerie Khoo Age: 39 Occupation: Director of the Sydney Writers’ Centre, Journalist, Keynote Speaker Favourite travel destination?: My favourite place in the world is home. To me, it’s like being in heaven. But as for travel destinations, I would say New York. It’s exciting, vibrant and full of wonderful things to see and do. […]