Meet the artist: Cathy Stait-Gardner

If you have spoken to me recently, you have probably heard me banging on Camden’s answer to Quentin Blake. Meet Cathy Stait-Gardner – gifted artist, Buffy fan and all ’round hilarious woman. How long have you been an artist? An artist. It sounds so high-brow! I’m not sure how long Ive been an artist. I’ve […]

10 things to do in Camden this weekend

So you’ve probably heard me banging on about the many glories of Camden, NSW. Well, this is the weekend to get down here. Why? Because I am running the Camden Garden Festival, the Crystal Festival is on and Camden Park House is open (it only opens for one weekend a year). We haven’t even gotten […]

Camden, NSW

Mount Annan Botanic Garden

It’s taken me a while to write this. I wasn’t sure about Camden at first. It’s supremely weird moving from a tiny apartment in the city – complete with yell-y crazy neighbour, sparkly city lights, ambient bus noise and a fancy cafe on the doorstep – to a giant house in the country. Bridgewater is one […]