Tallow Beach Camping, NSW

Tallow Beach

Natureboy needed to get away. This is his story. Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just need to get away from everything? That’s how the week felt to me, so I booked a campsite and headed to the beach. My initial choice was booked out so I wound up at Tallow Beach […]

Camping at Mill Creek, NSW

Mill Creek

Q: What do bogans and large Middle Eastern families have in common? A: They both hang out at Mill Creek Camping Ground on a Saturday night. When Natureboy and I decided (at the last minute) to go camping, we realised (too late) that a lot of the beachside campsites are booked out waaaaay in advance. […]

Camping in the rain at Mollymook, NSW


Step one: Purchase marquee-sized tent online. Step two: Book pet-friendly campsite. Step three: Travel to Mollymook. Erect enormous tent. Attempt to manage hyperactive, free-range pets. Cue: Rain. This is the summary of our weekend camping trip to Mollymook, with the exception of all the fun bits; the BBQ’ed breakfasts cooked by our early-rising friends, the […]