The Big Egg?

The Big Egg

Have you heard about the campaign to borrow Australia’s big things and transport them to Christchurch? Mayor Bob Parker is trying to attract more Aussies to the Garden City by relocating the Big Pineapple, the Big Merino and other big Aussie  icons to his city. Well, Bob, I have another one for you: The Big […]

Food lover’s guide to NZ

Nin's BIn

Christchurch to Nelson: The Delicious Alternative to Rugby If you would rather step on a fire ant nest than watch a sporting match, there is plenty for you to do in New Zealand that doesn’t involve rugby. The purity of New Zealand’s environment has some pretty tasty results in the form of raw milk cheeses, […]

Christchurch is OK


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived in Christchurch yesterday. Devastation? Rubble? A city destroyed by disaster? Nope. Christchurch is actually OK. Around the perimeters of the city, there is evidence of the quake. Some houses are held up by wooden struts, while others are missing chunks of eaves and roof. The CBD […]

Snow sloths, snow bunnies & snow men: Fancy a trip to NZ for the season?


I fall into the ‘snow sloth’ category. My natural habitat is under a snowy white doona or sipping schnapps on the rocks. I tried skiing once. My skis fell off on a downhill run, I went snowblind and all the skin peeled off my face. To snow, I say no (unless I am watching it […]