I want what you have

A friend of mine said this to me recently and I totally understand what she meant. We were talking about relationships, specifically romantic ones, and she said that she is looking for something solid and lasting. I felt exactly the same way before I met The Spark. I’d observed as one of my friends, who […]

7 tips for female travellers dating abroad

Read on for an American woman’s tips for finding love on the road. Plenty of women travel the world either with friends or on their own. Most the time they will find themselves having a bit of a romance and possibly even meeting their future husband. While this is incredible and exciting, it is crucially important […]

Dear Aunty Em: Younger

‘I’ve started dating someone nine years’ younger than me – don’t tell anyone! I feel that I’m too old and he’s got his life ahead of him and he wants to party. The problem is that we like each other more than either of us has liked anyone before and we click. What should I […]

Does fate need a helping hand?

When you’re setting out on a date there are about 1001 things that can go wrong. We’ve all sampled a few of them – let’s not get bogged down in the messy details – sometimes, for whatever reason, things don’t work out as you’d hoped. Let’s talk about the positives instead. From this glass half […]

Dear Aunty Em

Kathy Bates

‘Trust is an important thing for my girlfriend and I, and we both have friends of the opposite sex. I’m perfectly cool for her to hang out with her guy friends (even on a one on one setting). However, I’ve noticed a few of my female friends have been telling me they no longer want […]



In the world of online dating, the one thing that stands out to me is how utterly lonely so many of us are. Behind the clever profiles and carefully curated photos, there is a deep longing for connection; not just romantic connection but human connection. I have noticed that people message a lot around bedtime. […]

Dating lies


People have a lot of advice on offer for single people such as myself. Here are a few of my all-time favourites. ‘When you stop looking, you’ll find someone.’ Like when you aren’t looking for Wally? Or a car space? Or a pair of jeans that don’t make your butt look like a depressed pumpkin? Errr, […]

I’m an idiot

Zombie themed wedding

Love makes fools of us all and once again, I have proven that I am a first-rate idiot. I met a guy online, we went on a couple of dates and before I knew it, I was head-over-heels in love and planning a Vegas wedding. Here’s the thing: I am super gullible. I believe people […]

Dating advice for men


Looking for a lady to love? Here are a few tips from the other side of the fence to help you get into the hearts (and pants) of women with brains. 1. Spellcheck your online dating profile: Can’t spell to save your life? There’s this magical thing called Spellcheck on most word processors. Bad at grammar? […]

Being single sucks


Some people are cut out for the lone wolf thing. I am not. I hate sleeping alone. I want someone to cuddle on the couch, have brunch and go on romantic holidays with. I know that being in a couple can suck waaaaay worse than being single. Sitting on the couch with a partner who ignores […]