Dear Aunty Em: Should I have a baby?

‘Should I have a baby?’ – Maybe mama  Dear Maybe mama, a) Go and stand in the card section of K-Mart and check out the Mother’s Day range. Absorb the pinkness, the flowers, the sense of gratitude. b) And then go stand in the homewares section, preferably the boring bit, near the pegs, mops and […]

Dear Aunty Em: Knob job

“Would you judge a guy based on his work? I was chatting to someone online and turns out he works in the gaming industry selling slot/gaming machines. It’s been his career for ages and I think he does well out if it. It’s such a turn-off for me – is that wrong? Am I being […]

Dear Aunty Em: Stuck

“I broke it off with a guy I was really into because he didn’t want to commit. It’s been over a year now but I can’t seem to move on. I made a New Year’s Resolution to date more and I’ve been on a couple of dates. They were nice enough but they didn’t make me […]

Dear Aunty Em: Stay or go?

‘I am at the same employer now for eight years and am in my third role. My manager has cut all our salaries and significantly increased our workloads. I’ve been told I’m lucky to work here and that there’s people banging down the door to take my job. I’m comfortable here, I know the people […]

Dear Aunty Em: Dating losers

‘I keep dating total losers and then getting dumped. What the hell is wrong with me?’ – Losing at love Dear Losing at love, Oh boy. I can relate. There was a time when I was dating the used Bandaids from the bottom of the gene pool. There was the biter – who at least had […]

Dear Aunty Em: Sex number

‘My boyfriend wants to know how many people I’ve slept with. I know how many people he’s slept with and my number is way higher. What should I do? Tell the truth or lie?’ – Sexy McSexface Dear Sexy McSexface, Men are funny. They want to date an attractive girl but then act all surprised when she’s popular. […]

Dear Aunty Em: Name change

‘To change or not to change your last name when getting married in your mid-30s?’ – Name Check Dear Name Check, I heard a story on the weekend about a doctor of philosophy who changed his surname to ‘human’ because he wanted to break down the barriers between himself and others. He also happened to be […]

Dear Aunty Em: X Factor

‘Should you keep in touch with your ex? What are the no go zones and when it is OK?’ – X Factor Dear X Factor, This is a very broad question so I’m going to break it down a little. Are we talking about an ex from high school, an ex-husband or wife who you have kids […]

Dear Aunty Em: STI

‘How should you tell a partner about an STI? I had a lover tell me he just found out his ex from six months back tested positive for chlamydia. By text. Not cool.’ – Love bug Dear Love bug, There are two sides to this coin. On the positive side, he told you about it […]

Dear Aunty Em: White elephants and white rabbits

What should you do when you have a paid, sit-down function and someone brings an uninvited guest? Also, what should you do when you invite people to your house and you say 3pm and then everyone turns up one hour late because they were hanging out at the shopping centre or just generally mucking around (i.e. no […]