Choose a destination

four leaf clover

Where do you want to go in life? Imagine that your brain is a GPS and you need to program in an address. Where do you want to go? You need this information because your brain really is (metaphysically) a GPS. It will try very hard to take you where it thinks you want to go. The […]

Perfectly imperfect


I can’t think of anything more tiring than trying to be perfect. I was talking to one of my most inspiring friends the other night and she was saying that she worries about being too down-to-earth; too real. I know that feeling. When I worked in PR, I was one of the few people in […]

Make room


Make room for what you want in life. Make room for a new love by farewelling the old ones once and for all. Make room for a new job by writing the applications, getting yourself into a financial position where you’re free to jump and by resigning. Make room for a healthy body by giving yourself […]

21 things to do before I die


I could put down sensible stuff like ‘get out of debt’ or ‘sort out my will’ but here’s what I really want to do: Have a ridiculous night out in New York City; the kind of night that ends with you feeling dazed, surrounded by strangers and wondering where your left shoe went. Sleep in a […]

Lord Howe love-in

Lord Howe

Peace, perfect peace; a quietness of heart, a lightness of being. That’s how I felt after five days at Lord Howe Island. Many factors contributed to this sense of wellbeing. Travelling with a beloved friend, lucky sunshine in a week of ‘possible showers’, the kindness of our hosts Dani and Luke from Pinetrees Lodge and […]

Koyasan is not near Kyoto

Temple pillars

Five trains, a cable car and a bus: that’s what it took to get from Kyoto to Koyasan in the Wakayama prefecture of Japan. With every leap in altitude, my confidence decreased. Where was I going? I had impulse booked a ryokan online that claimed to be near Kyoto. When I realised how not nearby it was, I […]

TEDx: Mind = blown

I have turned into a born again Tedx-ian. Every second sentence starts with, ‘When I was at TEDx…’ I apologise in advance for how annoying I am. But here’s the thing: it was that good. I have been working in PR for a long time and I’m immune to hyperbole. Jeez, I dole the stuff out […]

I want to be Italian


I’ve decided that I should be Italian. Family history be damned. I feel Italian. So what exactly does this mean? My interpretation is as follows: I am allowed to wave my arms around a lot when I talk It’s totally fine to cook enormous meals and invite loads of people over whenever I want I can drink things like grappa, Ouzo […]

Life+Stuff: The boy room

The boy room

My friend Tennille shared a very interesting theory with me yesterday: The Boy Room. This theory states that in every woman’s brain, there is a room reserved for boys. When we get dumped, heartbroken or otherwise rejected and this room vacates, our brain freaks out a bit and we frantically start trying to find a new tenant. […]

Airline Review: Etihad


When I think of the Middle East, I tend to think of blingful excess. Gold toilets, $1000 cocktails and jaguar necklaces with sapphires for eyes. Sadly Etihad, Abu Dhabi’s national carrier, is nothing like that. Etihad is elegant, understated and in every way, a calming experience. The planes are new, the seat back entertainment units work (even if […]