Yulefest at The Carrington: Best. Weekend. Ever.


There is something exciting about a girl’s weekend – the delicious promise of wine, shopping and maniacal laughter. A little while back, I was lucky enough to win a night at The Carrington for Yulefest so I decided to take two of my lady friends on a fake Christmas adventure. Arriving at the hotel, you […]

Life and stuff: Overcommitted and overwhelmed


I have always had a problem with the word yes. ‘Would you like to work on this new project?’ Yes. ‘Wanna catch up for a drink?’ Yep. ‘Can you help me out on this job?’ Sure can. No is not a word I use very often. The problem is that I have said yes to […]

Spas in my eyes in Thailand


You know that look people get when they’re really, really relaxed? That unfocused middle distance gaze with droopy eyelids and a slack jaw? That’s how I looked after every spa treatment I had in Thailand, give or take an oil sheen and some smudged mascara. I tried three radically different spas; one city, one island […]

Ulladulla Blessing of the Fleet Parade: Weirdy McFun


Imagine if all the children of a small seaside town dressed up as blue-skinned Na’vi, beauty queens or gumnut blossoms and hoisted themselves up onto parade floats. Some of these floats will have an easily identifiable theme (Avatar) while some will be an awkward mish-mash of intertextuality (I knew I would get to use that […]

Jane Austen country: Milton, NSW


Rolling green hills, magic mushroom sunsets and cows. Lots and lots of cows. Welcome to Milton, NSW. We drive into town after five hours stuck in The Long Weekend Exodus; traffic that crawls along the Princes Highway making you question your decision to leave Sydney.   For once, we are grateful for the snail’s pace […]

I want a country cottage in Orange, NSW


I am completely in love with Orange. I never expected this. I am from country NSW and I never thought I would want to go back. But Orange has bewitched me. I am in love with its gold, ruby and claret autumn leaves, it’s graceful heritage cottages and its dynamic food and wine scene. Everyone […]

A clean weekend at Paperbark Camp, Huskisson


Dirty weekends are a lot of fun but sometimes you need a clean weekend; a couple of days to breathe fresh air, drink pure water and  get lots of sleep. That’s what The First Husband and I did this past weekend at Paperbark Camp in Huskisson. Located in the middle of a wetlands on the […]

Why is accommodation in Australia so expensive?


This week Sydney plays host to Australian Tourism Exchange, an enormous industry conference organised by Tourism Australia. Thousands of tourism operators are in town trying to figure out how to increase their sales. Here’s a tip: DROP YOUR PRICES! Consider this: You are thinking of going on holidays. You start Googling. Lots of packages pop […]

Where were you when you had the worst hangover of your life?

I turned 32 this week so I have been out frolicking with wild abandon for my birthday festivities (narcissist – moi?). The problem with all the fun I am having is that it takes its toll. My eyes hurt. My face hurts. My ribs inexplicably hurt. My lungs are sooty with nicotine and my brain […]

The sexiest place in the world


Where is it? I want to go there, wear La Perla and pay ridiculous import tax on Champagne. The sexiest place I have ever been to is Mira Flores in Peru (crumbling Spanish architecture, a touristy-Bondi vibe and ultra-friendly waitstaff serving the best seafood soup in the world). Thailand doesn’t do it for me, despite […]