Foreign correspondent: Nathan, Kyoto

Nathan Hirsch

1. How long have you lived in Japan? I’ve lived in Japan for 5 and a 1/2 years in total since 2005. I First came to Japan on the JET Program  (a program from the Japanese Ministry of Education) and lived in Kochi Prefecture for 3 years. Later, from 2010-12 I worked for a Japanese Steel […]

Foreign Correspondent: Chloe Barnes, Edinburgh, Scotland


Name: Chloe Barnes   Age: 26   Occupation: I work in Search Engine Optimisation for a Digital Media Agency   Where do you live?: Edinburgh, United Kingdom Why did you move there?: I’ve always wanted to live in the UK, though I’m not sure why. I like the cold, and I have a British passport, […]

Foreign Correspondent: Michael Delargy, Pattaya, Thailand

Name: Michael Delargy   Age: 40 (and thanks for asking!)   Occupation: Hotel Manager   Where do you live and how did you get there?: At the moment in Pattaya, Thailand. The route was a bit roundabout, from Dublin via London (where strangely I was introduced to Australian culture!) then into IT forsome reason and […]

Foreign Correspondent: Sarah Reid


Name: Sarah Reid Age: Old enough to know better. Occupation: Freelance journalist and, at the moment, a retail assistant at a high-end ski store. You can find me by the Prada jackets … Where do you live?: A teeny little room with no light fittings and unreliable plumbing in Whistler, BC, Canada. Why did you […]

Foreign Correspondent: Georgia Keighery


Name: Georgia Keighery Age: (actual age) 31, (emotional age) 12. Occupation: Writer Where do you live?: I live in an area of Singapore know as Tanjong Rhu (home of the many blocks of condominiums that house the countless expats that live in this city). Why did you move there?: I moved here because my husband, […]