The music is all around us by Genevieve Frew


The Music Is All Around Us By Genevieve Frew Prior to a recent overseas trip, I prided myself on being organised enough to download my iPod songs onto my new iPhone (OK, my thirteen year old did if for me) so I could enhance my travel experience with just one single accessory. So much for […]

COCO – International Dog of Leisure by Genevieve Frew


COCO – International Dog of Leisure By Genevieve Frew As I put my daughter to bed the other night, she needed cheering up.  So I tucked Coco into bed with her and remarked that Coco was an extremely well-travelled little dog indeed. Coco is a black Labrador puppy who came into our lives seven years […]

We have a SheGoes travel photography competition winner!

Congratulations to SheGoes contributor Genevieve Frew for her winning entry into the inaugural SheGoes travel photography competition titled ‘Waiting for the Other Two Amigos’. Funny hat + public sleeping = winning combo! Without any further ado, here are some more fun photos from our gold medallist … Three Versions of Death Japanese S & M […]

Law of the Laundry

Law of the Laundry By Genevieve Frew When travelling, no matter how free the spirit or unplanned the journey, there are certain laws that bind us together; the law of averages, the law of the jungle and, of course, Murphy’s law. On board a recent Cunard cruise I discovered there is another law from which […]

Hong Kong Sweat


Hong Kong Sweat By Genevieve Frew Hong Kong looks so glamourous in the brochures.  They promise you exotic delights, inexpensive shopping and a superb nightlife all combined with the history and the mystery of the imperial east. Nobody mentions the sweat! I guess it’s difficult to capture sweat in photographs, and who wants to travel […]



Cruisin’ By Genevieve Frew Last year, my way of boosting the world’s ailing economy was to make the Trans Atlantic crossing aboard Cunard’s flagship Queen Mary 2. Twice. Sadly, there were no streamers or teary farewells at the dock as, due to strict security regulations these days, Cunard does not allow anyone other than passengers on […]