The 2011 Angkor Wat Half Marathon

Angkor Wat

Georgia Keighery runs like a gentle breeze in Cambodia The thing is this: if you rewind almost exactly 10 years, to almost exactly the same Sunday morning, I was in Sydney, rolling out of a club in the city and literally bumping straight into a marathon that was going on there. In my state, it […]

Stonehenge by Georgia Keighery


Stonehenge By Georgia Keighery Stonehenge is one of those places that had always inspired from me, a definitive ‘Ow, I’d love to see it’. Just the mention of it roused images of ancient Druid devotion and an excited little lump in my throat that seems to arise whenever I’m dealing with any Alleged Magic. ‘Mmmm’, […]

Lost and dumbfound in London


Lost and dumbfound in London By Georgia Keighery I’ve been told a thousand times that London is overwhelming and amazing. Being overwhelmed by London is a cliche of the highest order. Hence, I decided in advance that I would not be part of it. No no, I decided that I would be excited to be […]



Hi Everyone, Today’s post is a shout out to one of our wonderful contributors, Georgia Keighery. If you are tired of dealing with all the, er, nonsense of the modern workplace, this story might inspire a ‘Gardy-loo’ or two! Click here for a laugh:

La la la Laos


La la la Laos By Georgia Keighery I have to say this – when we arrived in Vang Vieng, Laos, after a five hour drive from Luang Prabang, I was completely underwhelmed. Luang Prabang, in Northern Laos was a divine little enclave of easy pace, cliffside temples, and handcrafted silver in picturesque night-markets. Conversely, arriving […]

Myths, Legends and Langkawi


Myths, Legends and Langkawi By Georgia Keighery There’s a long running urban myth about a group of professional, partner-having, gym-going, hobby-pursuing, commitment-laden women friends. In this legend these lady friends finally come good on years of talking about going on a trip together. They clear their calendars for a week and meet on a little […]

Foreign Correspondent: Georgia Keighery


Name: Georgia Keighery Age: (actual age) 31, (emotional age) 12. Occupation: Writer Where do you live?: I live in an area of Singapore know as Tanjong Rhu (home of the many blocks of condominiums that house the countless expats that live in this city). Why did you move there?: I moved here because my husband, […]