There is nothing quite like a good poop to make you feel better. The strange thing – even with all the talk of fermented foods, gut health, and probiotics – is that no one really talks about the end game. The Poop. I was shocked and delighted when a colleague of mine casually mentioned that she […]

Gibraltar Hotel Spring Health Break

“How do you want to feel today?” asks Moore, our sparkly-eyed yoga instructor. This is the basis of all her teachings; to ask yourself how your choices will impact the kind of day you’re going to have. From exercise, to food, to yoga and meditation, the Gibraltar Hotel program covers everything in a down-to-earth, realistic […]

Health warning

Healthy heart

Too many people I know are dying. Some from disease, others from suicide. Nobody is dying of old age. This has got me thinking. What can I – and you – do to attempt to forestall the inevitable? Here’s some things we can do to live a little bit longer: Ladies – go and have […]