Hunter Food Fight

Food Fight

By Tim White Something I love about working in the wine industry is the support given to junior winemakers. It’s common for up-and-comers  to receive advice from senior winemaker, as well as everyone else in the region. The Hunter Valley goes one step further. There are formal groups for young winemakers and places for young winemakers […]

Hotel Review: The Hermitage Lodge, Hunter Valley NSW


When I booked a two-night stay at The Hermitage Lodge in the Hunter Valley for a special price of $500 (it’s normally $700), my internal monologue muttered, ‘It had better be good …. mutter, mutter, mutter’. I tend to think of things in terms of rent and that’s almost a whole weeks’ worth at Chateau […]

Running away to the Hunter Valley by Tammy Warner-Wilson


Running away to the Hunter Valley By Tammy Warner-Wilson Past Petersons Champagne House, down Broke Road and beyond Brokenwood wine cellar, is the oval at Hunter Valley Gardens. It is here that I find myself at 6.30am on a Sunday morning in July. I am surrounded by some of NSW’s finest wine country, but all […]