Foreign correspondent: Nathan, Kyoto

Nathan Hirsch

1. How long have you lived in Japan? I’ve lived in Japan for 5 and a 1/2 years in total since 2005. I First came to Japan on the JET Program  (a program from the Japanese Ministry of Education) and lived in Kochi Prefecture for 3 years. Later, from 2010-12 I worked for a Japanese Steel […]

Takao Kanko Hotel, Kyoto

I booked my entire Japan itinerary in a panicky, online way because I quickly realised that the entire freaking world knows about this cherry blossom thing. Hence, most hotels have been booked out for quite some time. Like, since 1982. It is nothing short of remarkable that I managed to find Takao Kanko Hotel. I […]

Japanese love affair

You know when you first fall in love with someone and all you see is similarities between you and your beloved? It’s like that with me and Japan. Every day I discover new things we have in common. Oh you’re a coffee addict too? You like weird craft? You’re not really into gluten and lactose […]

Alone in Kyoto


Confession time: I have never been overseas alone. I am a little worried about my upcoming trip to Japan. Not only am I going it alone, I am not joining a tour, meeting a friend or doing anything that has been planned for me. I  am just showing up. I have booked my first night of […]