Back to the beginning

Finding yourself back at the beginning can feel like failure but here’s the thing: it’s not. A woman I heard speak recently described life as a series of ladders. You climb one, get to the top, look around and then realise, ‘This is not for me’. Then you climb back down and head over to […]

I have a confession

I am a little bit addicted to buying things online. I got tipsy and bought two saris the other night. The thought process went like this: I have to go to an awards function I need to find something to wear Let me just look online There is nothing in my size Argh. I am […]

Stuff my therapist taught me

A few years back, I went to therapy. It was expensive but is was also one of the best investments I have ever made. I’ve always associated therapy with neurotic Woody Allen types but my therapist (technically an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner) was a poised and elegant English lady named Margaret. She taught me three important lessons; […]

Find your people

The power of special interest groups really hit home on the weekend when I was in the Hunter Valley with my book club. We – a group of five – were talking about the various clubs you can be a member of; Upholstery Club, Taxidermy Club, a Skipakke (Belgian Barge Dog) Facebook group. There is […]

10 things I love about Australia

1. The word ‘mate’ I tend to go into overdrive the second I step outside the country and start ‘G’daying’ all over the place but no matter where I am, I always love hearing the word ‘mate’. 2. Sunshine Specifically, the quality of the light; so bright and clear. 3. The food From the abundance of […]

What does your appearance say about you?

The smallest detail can speak so loudly. Without sounding like June Dally-Watkins, I spend a lot of time paying attention to people’s grooming. Case in point: teeth. White, straight teeth can say rich parents, healthy childhood, American or acting profession, just as loudly as crooked, damaged teeth can say English, poor parents or smoker. Your […]

You don’t deserve anything

It can be a dangerous mistake to think that you deserve things. This is not how the world works. Think of it like a restaurant. Just because you’re in there, the wait staff aren’t going to magically know what you want. You have to order it and be specific. There’s a lot of people who feel resentful […]

More things I hate

1. The term ‘Bucket List’ I have no problem with wanting to do things. I have no problem with writing those things down. I have a big problem with it being called a bucket list. 2. The BCC That person who sends you a snakey email about something you did wrong and BCCs your boss. That. 3. Flatmates who […]

How to become a motivational speaker

I see a lot of motivational speakers in action. What I have realised is this: there’s a formula you can follow if you’re willing to hack off a limb or get lost in the wilderness. Read on for my foolproof guide for turning your bad experiences into cold, hard keynote cash. 1. Come up with an inspirational slogan […]

What work travel is really like

About five years ago, I decided that I wanted to get paid to travel. I didn’t care how I did it. I just wanted to do it. Today, I am a business travel and events editor so hey, the plan worked. This means I go to lots of conferences and on work trips called ‘famils’ […]