Dear Aunty Em

What a bunch of dorks!

‘Is it true? I keep bumping into these drop dead gorgeous gals who tell me the singles scene in Sydney is awful and that Sydney blokes are, well, less than desirable. I’d love to hear from the worldly girls about what makes us (yes, I am one) so hopeless. How can we lift our game, […]

Do you need to believe?

E.T. was the ultimate imaginary friend

I have this problem in romantic relationships where I need to believe it’s going somewhere. It’s like the whole ‘suspension of disbelief’ theory for movies. Sure, we all know that it’s highly unlikely that a stray alien landed in Drew Barrymore’s childhood bedroom but to enjoy the film E.T., you really need to let go of […]

The real deal

The blonde American Dalai Lama

I had the honour (I do not say this lightly) of seeing Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and  The Signature of All Things, at the Opera House on Sunday. She is GLORIOUS; genuinely shiny and hilarious and grounded and I could gush on forever. She’s the real deal. Lately she’s been hanging out with […]

Oh feminism

That's what I think about being told I can, can't, should, shouldn't get married!

You confuse me. I am currently reading ‘Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr Good Enough’ (Lori Gottlieb) because I love this kind of stuff. Same goes with ‘How to be a woman’ (Caitlin Moran) and ‘The Happiness Project’ (Gretchen Rubin) and basically anything that provides advice on how to live a good life. By […]

What love is

This image is called ''Products for Extremely Close Couples' and this product is called a 'slanket'. What exactly is the first word of that portmanteau? Slut blanket?

What love is: Love is choosing to forgive, even though you’re angry or disappointed. Love is talking about things in an honest, uncomfortable way. Love is admitting your imperfections and accepting your partner’s. Love is focusing on the positives. Love is laughing at yourself and lightening the mood when it’s all too easy to be serious. Love is […]


Just a normal trip to the bathroom

Yes! Half the population gets them, is going to get them or had them. Why doesn’t anyone talk about it?! People will tell you about their FitBits, CrossFit classes and Fitness First memberships and yet here’s this huge health thing that affects all women on a regular basis and … nothing. And yet when you do bring […]

The power of fun


I used to think ‘professional’ meant no kidding around. I thought it meant suits and straight faces. Turns out, I was horrible at it so I starting mucking around. If they were going to fire me, dammit, I was going to enjoy myself. But a funny thing happened. I started getting better results. People seemed […]

Give yourself some credit

If you are wearing these shoes, I take it all back. Take a long, hard look at yourself.

It’s really easy to look around and give everyone else credit. You love that woman’s shoes, she has pretty eyes, she is so articulate … the list goes on. Why aren’t we this positive about ourselves? If you’re completely honest, do you think more negative than positive things about yourself? I am constantly criticising my […]

Saying goodbye


It’s one of the most powerful things you can do, and also the hardest. What happens when you outgrow an intimate relationship? Most of us have been there at some point. The gut-wrenching realisation that you have to walk away from someone you love; someone you have a shared history with. Things don’t actually have to be […]

Dear Aunty Em

Get out of your own way

  ‘How do we stop being scared of living?’ – Scaredy Cat Dear Scaredy Cat, Stopping is not the point. Life is about being scared. If you’re scared, there’s a good chance you’re doing something. The point is the doing. What I understand from your question is that you’re thinking about doing something and those […]