Rage against beige


You know that poem about raging against the dying of the light? In mid-life, I think we need to rage against beige. I can feel the conservatism creeping in. The sensible decisions and the early nights; the flossing and the broccoli. Mid-life is full of dull. Superannuation, health insurance, servicing the car. The mailbox is full […]

How to cut down on stuff

House move

I’ve just moved house for the third time in two years, an activity that has forced me to focus on stuff. Actual stuff. Books, plates, old birthday cards, my collection of cords; I don’t know what they’re for but they look important. I am determined not to get myself into this situation again. Hence, my stuff avoidance plan: Join a […]



Why isn’t there a word for excited + scared? I have always had this thing where I become extremely anxious whenever anything really good happens. It makes precisely no sense. I was awake most of last night suffering from this condition. The reason? I was offered – and accepted – my dream job as a […]

Be yourself

Billy Connolly

I have developed a bit of a philosophical crush on Billy Connolly aka ‘The Big Yin’. Why? Because after reading one of his books, it’s vividly apparent that he is 100% authentic. He doesn’t lie. He doesn’t try to puff himself up. He is fearlessly opinionated and self-aware. If it’s cold, he’ll complain about freezing his […]

Types of happy


There are lots of different kinds of happy. Here are some of mine: Getting enough sleep happy – floppy bodied, quiet-hearted contentment Full belly happy – blood glucose glow Post-walk happy – sweaty detoxification meets endorphins Gig happy – half drunk and collectively in awe of talent Job well done happy – smug waves of competence and praise-basking Doing […]

Postponing joy


I think about painting a lot. I also think about mosaicing and gardening. What usually happens is that I prioritise something else over these activities. I clean the house, do the washing, clear my emails or go grocery shopping. Sure, those things are important. They maintain and, yes, that brings a certain sort of peace. […]

Dress (non)sense


Have you ever worried about the messages you’re sending with your dress sense, hair style, tattoos or piercings? I’m not entirely sure that ‘worried’ is the right word but I am certainly very aware. When I got my nose pierced, I weighed up the whole range of judgements that would come my way – and that […]

The artist theory


I have come up with a new theory on life. We are born artists and every day is a new art work. Some are bad, some a really bad and some are surprisingly interesting. The thing about artists is that they go through phases. Some works are well-received, some wind up in galleries and others gather […]

Little happy


Did you know that it’s the Chinese Year of the Black Water Snake? It’s as ominous as it sounds and I have been feeling its dark energy around lately. In order to offset the snakey vibes, I have decided to focus on all the little positives; the little happys. They are: Collecting still-warm eggs from my […]

Alone vs lonely

Hermit crab

I spend a lot of time alone these days and I have noticed something weird happening. The more time I spend alone, the more I want to be alone. It’s not that I don’t love being around people; I do. I’m an extroverted extrovert. It’s just that being around people can be stressful. Things go […]