Life+Stuff: Losing

So I am not the Queen of Tamworth after all. After a mad 10 days populated with Sydney, Orange, Melbourne and Brisbane visitors, Queen Quest entrants, country music artists and fans, as well as fair slog of normal work and community volunteering, I rocked up to a crowning dinner on Sunday night. I was shagged but I […]

Life+Stuff: The boy room

The boy room

My friend Tennille shared a very interesting theory with me yesterday: The Boy Room. This theory states that in every woman’s brain, there is a room reserved for boys. When we get dumped, heartbroken or otherwise rejected and this room vacates, our brain freaks out a bit and we frantically start trying to find a new tenant. […]

Life+Stuff: Douchebags


Lately I have had a bit of exposure to douchebags; the kind of men who revile their mother and frighten animals. I have learnt a thing or two about how to spot them. Read on, dear friends, and save yourself the embarassment of dating one of these creatures. 1. They have no friends No best […]

Life+Stuff: Dumped


I got dumped on New Year’s day. I felt relieved. I couldn’t explain it at the time but once the hangover had subsided and my perspective returned, it made sense. This guy was complicated. He had three small children, a strained relationship with his ex, was living with his parents and was trying out his […]

Life+Stuff: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

If you have a spare nine minutes, I highly recommend this awesome video. In it, Steve Jobs talks about death, cancer and how he thought he would have another couple of decades to live. He didn’t. Remember this as you go into 2013. Whatever it is you want to do, do it. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Life+Stuff: Get happy

Lucy Munchenburger

Sometimes all the work has been done for you. You don’t need to spend your life puzzling over what will make you happy because Eleanor Roosevelt has already figured it out. Read on for her eloquent summary: ‘Someone once asked me what I regarded as the three most important requirements for happiness. My answer was: ‘A […]

Life+Stuff: Give up


Sometimes it’s OK to give up. Give up everything that makes you miserable. Give up hanging out with people who make you feel bad. Give up eating food that makes you sick. If you hate your job, quit. Same goes for your relationship. If it’s dragging you down, get out. By clearing out all the […]

Life+Stuff: Space

Ivan Goodacre

Personal space, time and space, outer space; there’s a lot of spaces that humans long for, dream about and explore through physics and complex mathematical equations. On the weekend I was walking The World’s Greatest Dog aka Dash the poodle along the roadside in Tamworth. Looking out over the paddocks – nothing special, mind you […]

Life+Stuff: Needs


You need: 1. Air 2. Water 3. Shelter 4. Food 5. Sleep 6. Exercise But really, there’s more to it. You need clean air and water, nutritious food, safe shelter, enough sleep and exercise to stay strong. You possibly need money, literacy and numeracy skills and some form of medication to function effectively. I believe […]

Life+Stuff: Love your life


It’s taken me a long time to figure out how to love my life.  I’ve spent years feeling overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted. I’ve tried to conform, achieve and contort myself into standard issue roles. I’ve failed in varying degrees and I’m finally starting to feel OK. I have taken to sleeping in, eating whatever I […]