London shopping guide


By Emily Jones Going on a shopping spree in London is a dream of  most fashionistas. It doesn’t matter what your style is, in London you can always find something that will fit your taste. Unless you are already living in the English capital, you need to know what the main shopping areas are and where […]

Pret-a-Portea, London

Berkeley Tea Stand

Lisa Perkovic checks out a high fashion high tea at the Berkeley Hotel in London. It’s London Fashion Week, and if you don’t have front row seats, don’t worry. The Berkeley Hotel’s Pret-a-Portea – a fashionista’s afternoon tea – is the perfect way to find out the hottest looks for this season. Each season the […]

Pieces of Literary History by Clare Griffin


Pieces of Literary History By Clare Griffin The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s greatest literary minds and thankfully we can still enjoy the houses, estates and landscapes that helped inspire some of the classics. For lovers of the classics, writers seeking inspiration and history buffs, the following places are a must-visit […]

Market knowledge by Stephanie Nuzzo


Ask any op-shop lover and they’ll tell you London’s markets are treasure-troves. And you should believe them – once you step foot into one of these super-sized trinket boxes, you’ll never see Balmain’s weekend markets in the same way. These markets are the havens of hoarders, hagglers and trendy-types alike; lining streets with all things […]

Mid-year resolutions by Stephanie Nuzzo


Mid-year resolutions By Stephanie Nuzzo I’ve been hearing a whole lot about people’s plans for this year. There have been a lot of new beginnings promised for 2011, but to me, New Years’ resolutions are bullsh*t. I had my new beginning in June this year. Halfway through 2010 I decided I was over the Groundhog-days […]

Lost and dumbfound in London


Lost and dumbfound in London By Georgia Keighery I’ve been told a thousand times that London is overwhelming and amazing. Being overwhelmed by London is a cliche of the highest order. Hence, I decided in advance that I would not be part of it. No no, I decided that I would be excited to be […]