iPod, iPad, Kindle or paperback?


How do you watch, listen and read when you’re travelling? Have you embraced the iPad? Or are you an iPod traveller, using those handy white plugs to block out everything from traffic noise to girl-next-door coitus? I’ve always been a die-hard paperback girl, loading up half of my luggage allowance with a stockpile of reading material. I’m also a […]

Awkward town names

Intercourse Pennsylvania

I recently drove over Awkward Gully, then Purgatory Creek. A while later came Skeleton Creek. The names made me laugh (what can I say, there wasn’t much else around to keep me amused). Once upon a time, they must have been called those for a reason. But why? For the former, I’d like to think […]

Galapagos Islands FAQ by Melanie Mahoney


Galapagos Islands FAQ By Melanie Mahoney As contributors to this blog would know, it can be a ridiculous task trying to put an amazing travel experience into words. Where do you start, what do you leave out, what do people really want to know? Because I have no idea how to answer those questions, I […]

Seat wars by Melanie Mahoney


Seat Wars By Melanie Mahoney Flying brings its own unique challenges. The drying air, the elbow-room wars, the bottles of wine so tiny you have to ask for a new one every 15 minutes… ah, good times. But there are some fantastic things too. Top of the list is being upgraded, but that’s more urban […]

Monkey madness! by Melanie Mahoney

Monkey madness! By Melanie Mahoney Earlier this week, a woman was attacked by macaque monkeys while on holidays on Thailand. She was reportedly trying to get over a phobia of the primates by visiting the ominously named ‘Monkey Island’, near Phuket, when a group of them attacked her. Her tour leader said some people had […]

Top travel sites by Melanie Mahoney


Top travel sites By Melanie Mahoney (Prelude: It goes without saying that She Goes belongs on – nay, tops – this list. These are the best of the rest.) Step 1: Book your trip Looking for a dirty weekend, last minute holiday, or just a fun local activity? Browse travelzoo.com/au  for the best offers from around […]