5 things to do in New York


New York. Even if you haven’t been, you know it. Manhattan has a kind of mythology attached to it; part Gotham city, part island of artists and thinkers. Visiting is as much about joining the dots from scenes in TV and movies as it is about getting a grip on what New York really is. […]

How much is New York?

New York

I want to go to New York next year and I have exactly no money. According to Zuji, Sydney – New York flights start from as little as $1500 or so on Delta but what does accommodation cost? And things? What do things cost when you get there? What is the minimum amount of money […]

Travel Tales


Name: Gareth ‘Gigpiglet’ Stuckey Age: 30 Occupation: Tour/Artist Manager and Record Producer Favourite travel destination?: Mmmmm I like the travel nearly as much as the destination. Lets say New York. Or Paris. Why?: New York: ‘Cause it’s all there … everything. Nothing you can’t do and nothing you can’t be. Paris: Because nothing is there! It’s […]

Travel Tales: Kim McKay

Name: Kim McKay Age: 36 Occupation: Business Owner – Travel PR Favourite travel destination?: New York (if you have been you would know the answer to why – if you haven’t been just GO!) Worst travel experience?: Every time you travel it’s a gift. You learn and grow from every experience so I don’t have […]

Shopping in the big apple


Shopping in The Big Apple By Thea Easterby Shopping for clothes in New York City is fantastic!  Quite a statement considering ordinarily, I’m not much of a shopper. After two shopping sprees in New York, I have picked up a few tips.  Bear in mind, I’m not talking designer labels. Unfortunately my salary doesn’t stretch […]

Travel Tales: Michelle Tan


Name: Michelle Tan Age: Old enough to know better (but young enough to do it anyway) Occupation: PR practitioner Favourite travel destination? New York Why? Fell in love with the energy there. Best tips for beating jetlag? If you are going to sleep, sleep all the way through the next day, but if you can, […]

Travel Tales: Valerie Khoo


Name: Valerie Khoo Age: 39 Occupation: Director of the Sydney Writers’ Centre, Journalist, Keynote Speaker Favourite travel destination?: My favourite place in the world is home. To me, it’s like being in heaven. But as for travel destinations, I would say New York. It’s exciting, vibrant and full of wonderful things to see and do. […]

Travel Tales: Lorraine Elliott aka NotQuiteNigella


Name: Lorraine Elliott Occupation: Food Blogger and publisher of www.notquitenigella.com Favourite travel destination? That’s a tough one. I loved Phuket, Finland and New Zealand but for different reasons. Phuket because we stayed at a fabulous resort that arranged for a lot of fun activities for us, Finland because of the complete novelty of a country […]