Inspirey words


Today’s post is dedicated to the dazzling brilliance of my very dearest, darlingest friend Lorraine Elliott aka NotQuiteNigella. She dared to dream big and, in addition to being Australia’s number one female blogger, she is about to publish her first book with Penguin Books. So without further ado, some inspirey Monday words for you, Dearest […]

Foodies gone wild!


October is a month of foodie mania in Sydney. Night noodle markets, International Chef showcases and Shoot the Chef at the NSW Art Gallery … it’s hard to know where to begin! One of the best ways to immerse yourself in deliciousness is to join a food tour. When VictorsFood asked me if I wanted […]

Blogger love: Blogs that rock my world


When I first heard about blogs way back in 2000 and something-or-other, I thought ‘yeah, WHATEVER’. This from a girl whose greatest career ambition in high school was to be a flair bartender. Clearly, I am not a) very bright, b) an early adopter, or c) in any way psychic. Blogs rock my world. In […]