Why people care more about Paris

It’s simple. A lot of people have been there, know someone who has, or have French friends. I completely understand why everyone is all WTF about the lack of press coverage and outrage over the attacks in Nigeria, Beirut and Syria but the fact is that most westerners relate more to France than they do […]

5 things you didn’t know about Paris

By Candice Teo I’ve done this moving overseas thing a couple of times and still never tire of discovering a new city like a local. My first time in Paris only happened two years ago and I dove straight into pretty much living like the locals for the couple of months that I stayed (which mainly […]

Travel Tales: Fouad Kassab

Fouad Kassab

Name: Fouad Kassab Age: 32 Occupation: Cook/Writer/Blogger/Software Engineer Favourite travel destination?: France. Paris is an incredible city – unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been and I’d love to go back there. But my heart belongs to Provence. I stayed in a small ochre-hued village called Roussillon in the Luberon region. Life takes on a different pace when you’re surrounded […]

Travel Tales


Name: Gareth ‘Gigpiglet’ Stuckey Age: 30 Occupation: Tour/Artist Manager and Record Producer Favourite travel destination?: Mmmmm I like the travel nearly as much as the destination. Lets say New York. Or Paris. Why?: New York: ‘Cause it’s all there … everything. Nothing you can’t do and nothing you can’t be. Paris: Because nothing is there! It’s […]

Travel Tales: Kim McKay

Name: Kim McKay Age: 36 Occupation: Business Owner – Travel PR Favourite travel destination?: New York (if you have been you would know the answer to why – if you haven’t been just GO!) Worst travel experience?: Every time you travel it’s a gift. You learn and grow from every experience so I don’t have […]