Common travel photography mistakes

Whether it’s a plate of colourful ceviche in Peru or the iconic outline of the Eiffel Tower, it’s natural to want to record every moment of your holiday for posterity. Unfortunately, many travel photos turn out to be way less impressive than we would like. Blurry, overexposed, and downright boring photos can be a real bummer […]

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Indian ladies

Lately I’ve noticed how intrusive photography can be. Whenever anything noteworthy happens, my first reaction is to grab my iPhone. On a recent group trip to India, twelve cameras would appear every time an elephant, palace or sari-clad villager came into frame. We all started seeing everything as photo opp, a process that interfered with […]

We have a SheGoes travel photography competition winner!

Congratulations to SheGoes contributor Genevieve Frew for her winning entry into the inaugural SheGoes travel photography competition titled ‘Waiting for the Other Two Amigos’. Funny hat + public sleeping = winning combo! Without any further ado, here are some more fun photos from our gold medallist … Three Versions of Death Japanese S & M […]

Tips for travelling photographers


Tips for travelling photographers By Melanie Mahoney Travel photography is a subjective thing. Some people prefer to take just a few shots of the major moments and sites they see, while others will happily fill a photo album before their plane has even landed. I’m happy to admit that I’m more of the latter than […]