Sponsored post: Why I love Qantas


Between union disputes, social media disasters and increased fuel prices, poor old Qantas has taken a beating recently. But you know what? I still love ’em. Here’s why: The Neil Perry menu in Business Class and Premium Economy is excellent. The salad tastes fresh and the dressing is olive oil and balsamic vinegar; not some […]

Airline awards

I adore flying. Everything from the in-flight entertainment to the crew’s uniforms gives me a massive kick. The second I step on board a plane, I know that no one can ring me or email me, that someone will take care of my every need and I can guiltlessly watch back-to-back movies for as long […]

How far would you go to win a trip to New Zealand?


I am very susceptible to flattery. If you invite me to your media launch because you like my blog, I will go. Hell, if you have even heard of my blog, I will fawn all over you and titter like a chorus girl from The Mikado. That’s how I wound up at the rugby on […]