Return to Fraser Island

I went to Fraser Island when I was about 14; an awkward teenager who wore a scratchy jumper that belonged to my Grandfather for five days straight. By the end of the trip, it reeked of campfire smoke and hormonal angst. I remember seeing sharks and turtles cruising the coastal gutter, swimming in the water […]

Woodford Folk Festival 2013

How much sweat can a sweaty sweater sweat? That’s what I asked myself as I downed yet another litre of sun-warmed water at Woodford Folk Festival. As fast as I was glugging it down, it was pouring straight back out of my face. It was crazy hot, like Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum’s impossible love child. […]

Port Douglas + Mossman Gorge, Qld

Mossman Gorge

Dear Tourism Queensland, You appear to lack actual queens so I am putting my hand up. Why me? I’ll tell you. I visited recently and it turns out I’m perfectly suited to the job. I love eating, drinking and lazing around a pool. I also like resorts, rainforests, palm-fringed beaches and cheap fresh produce. When I visited […]

When you leave here, you’re going nowhere by Stephanie Nuzzo


Legend has it that the fountain of youth is hidden away somewhere in Florida. But I think whoever wrote that was wrong. I’m putting my own theory out there. If there is in fact a fountain of youth, it’s in Byron Bay. In Byron, everyone is young, everyone is on vacation and everyone is ridiculously […]

Blatant plug for my awesome new client,


So you know how I was whining about being broke last week? Well, something really cool happened. I met up with my friends Ben and Cass and it turns out that Ben has launched a new business called with two of his mates, Sam and Raph. One thing led to another and they offered […]

Travel Tales: Tim Doyle


Name: Tim Doyle Age: 25 Occupation: Travel Film-maker / Presenter / Adventurer Favourite travel destination and why? Fiji Islands. In 2006, I convinced my university here in Australia to allow me to study at the University of the South Pacific in Suva for seven months. On my weekends I would travel up and down the […]