Wild women of the Sepik by Roderick Eime


They twirled and gyrated like demented dervishes, their tattered grass skirts flailing to the throbbing beat of the coarse wood and skin drums beaten methodically by apparently captive men at the centre of their circle. Barely concealed by shreds of river grass and rough shell necklaces, their long-exhausted, pendulous breasts swung in full rotations as they […]

Travel Tales: Roderick Eime, Travel Journalist and Web Publisher


Name: Roderick Eime Age: Generation Jones Occupation: Travel journalist and web publisher Favourite travel destination?: Papua New Guinea, particularly their remote islands. They are wild, raw and always surprising. Great people. Worst travel experience?: Left my passport and wallet in the taxi, forgot my USA visa waiver, nearly missed my flight, booked the wrong hotel […]