Slovenia: Land of chicken kicking


As a European virgin, visiting Slovenia was a lot like falling in love for the first time. I walked around in a dopamine haze, high on Baroque architecture, wildflowers and half-pissed on exotic grape varietals. From the cobblestone streets, to the castles, to the market square populated with fairytale produce, I couldn’t get enough of […]

Trivia Tuesday + WIN: Who has been eating my porridge?

Police officers in Slovenia get asked this question a lot. There are so many brown bears in this small Balkan nation that they export them to other European countries to help them repopulate their wilderness areas. Funnily enough, the little girl population is inversely pegged to the bear population, while porridge consumption remains suspiciously stable. […]

Travel Tales: Lisa Perkovic, journalist and photographer


Name: Lisa Perkovic Occupation: My email signature says journalism and photography but on top of that I’m Deputy Editor of Digital Photography Magazine and have a travel blog attached to my website. I’ve contributed to Australian Traveller, Luxury Travel, Get Up and Go, Photoshop Australia and the SMH and Sun Herald travel sections. Favourite travel […]