Should you use airbnb?


I am occasionally very stupid. Especially when I’m tired. I signed up to AirBnb with good intentions. I would join a travel community. I would welcome people. I would make money. What went wrong for me is that I forgot about the top lock on my front door. You know, that lock that you never […]

Travel Product Review: Annabel Trends


One of the best things about airports is that they’re full of shops that sell cool travel paraphernalia. From neck pillows to luggage tags, I tend to go a little nutzo because they are in the Land of No Financial Consequences. You know that happy place on the other side of Customs where you can go […]

Travel Product Review: Juice Beauty Travel Pack


Teeny tiny beauty products make me a very happy lady. It’s not because of some sort of creepy Barbie Doll House flashbacks (although I did love that pink plastic mansion). It’s simply because I fear the tyranny of airport security people. I don’t want them tossing my expensive products in the bin while I weep […]