Travel tales: Bessie Hassan

Name: Bessie Hassan Age: 32 Occupation: Head of PR at, soccer mum, reality TV lover. Favourite travel destination?: Hawaii has always been a family favourite for my husband and me – there’s great shopping and beaches, it’s family-friendly, and the food and culture are amazing. Worst travel experience?: Towards the tail end of my European honeymoon, […]

Travel Tales: Krissie Rogers, Pearls of Style

Name: Krissie Rogers Age: 26 Current job?: Blogger @ Pearls of Style and freelance writer Where are you now?: Melbourne Favourite travel destination?: Greece. The beaches, the people, the food, the culture. It’s an all-round dream. Best meal ever while travelling?: I don’t think I can go past the €4 gyros I had in Mykonos. […]

Travel Tales: Ben Groundwater

Ben Groundwater

Name: Ben Groundwater Age: 33 Where are you now?: At Victoria Falls Airport in Zimbabwe, waiting for a flight to Johannesburg. Favourite travel destination?:It would have to be San Sebastian in northern Spain. I love that place. I’ve been four times and it never loses its appeal. It’s only a small city but it’s got […]

Foodie Travel Tales: Alison Treloar

Alison Treloar

Name: Ali Treloar Age: 30 Best foodie destination?: Melbourne! I love the food, the coffee, the shopping, the footy. All of it. Best meal you’ve had while travelling?: Overseas would have to be hot pot in Chengdu, China or Coconut prawns in Kerala, India. For domestic travel, I can’t go past my visit to The Royal […]

Travel Tales: Lisa Joseph

Mexico - Lisa

Name: Lisa Joseph Age: 45 Occupation: I’m the owner and buyer at Me Too Please, a home and gift ware emporium specialising in beautiful, ethically produced goods. We’re also the exclusive Australian distributors of Mexican Oilcloth. You’ll find us in Annandale, Sydney and online. Favourite travel destination? Anywhere … anywhere … anywhere … and Mexico! Best […]

Travel Tales: Netty Mac

Netty Mac

Name: Annette Age: 43 Occupation: Senior travel consultant Favourite travel destination?: Turkey Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling?: At the Antique Turquois Café, Sultanhamet, Turkey Best kiss?: In Luxor going through customs after saying goodbye to my lover,  he jumped through security for one last air bending smooch. Scariest drive?: A public bus in […]

Travel Tales: Kristen McKenzie

Kristen McKenzie

Name: Kristen McKenzie Age: 32 Occupation: Head of Community and Public Relations at Favourite travel destination?: I used to live in Vancouver, Canada and always loved hopping on the ferry over to Vancouver Island for weekend getaways. I might be biased, but I think it’s one of the most gorgeous spots on the planet. Stunning […]

Travel Tales: Claudia Vidor

Claudia Vidor

Name: Claudia Age: Am I seriously 31? Oh gosh … Occupation: Marketing Manager Favourite travel destination?:The Universe; but if I have to choose my top 6 destinations (3 are not enough) they would be Iceland and Scandinavia, Scotland, Namibia, Thailand, the Greek Islands and Italy of course. Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling?: Zebra […]

Travel Tales: Dianne Garbin


Name:Dianne Garbin Age: 62 Occupation: Managing Director –  Floreat World of Travel Favourite travel destination?: Croatia Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling?: Seafood platter overlooking the Zat, Bol, Croatia, with a glass of bubbles. Best kiss?: Still waiting for it! Best/scariest/funniest drive?: Scenic, hair raising and with good, funny company  – Jabal Al Akhdar […]

Travel Tales: Marg Barry

Name: Margaret Barry Age: 62 Occupation: Director of Magg Bali (Fashion), Founder and CEO Bali Children Foundation (educating poor children in remote Bali) Favourite travel destination?: Northern and Western Bali. As quiet and remote as possible. The mountains overlooking the Java sea (North of Lovina) are a spectacular spot to stop. Travel through them, over the top […]