SheGoes travel quiz

Travel quiz

Trivia Tuesday is back! Trivia and travel tragics (alliteration overload) – this one is for you! Questions What is the airport code for Dallas Fort Worth? Which continent would you be on if you were eating pap? Where does the sun rise first? What does IATA stand for? Where does the Trans-Siberian railway start and finish? […]

Trivia tuesday: Porn park


This one goes out to all the lovers … Which country has a theme park that is dedicated to biblical get-to-know-you games?

Trivia Tuesday: Om wha?


You see a lot of people using ‘om’ out of context these days, as in ‘Om nom nom’, etc. But no, this is not what Om means. Prepare yourself for some deep spirituality, my friends.     According to Wikipedia, ‘Om is not just a sound or vibration. It is not just a symbol. It […]

Trivia Tuesday: Rollercoaster


Where is the world’s fastest rollercoaster?  

Trivia Tuesday: Rare flowers


Where does the world’s rarest flower grow?  What’s that, I hear you say? No idea? OK, I’ll tell you because it’s unbelievably interesting. The Apetahia or One-Sided Flower grows only in hidden places on top of Temehani, a mountain on the sacred Polynesian island of Ra-iatea. It won’t grow anywhere else on the island – […]

Trivia Tuesday: Indigenous tribes


Can you name any of the indigenous tribes in Australia? Did you know that Bennelong Point where the Opera House stands was named after an Eora elder? Did you know that ‘Palya’ is how you say ‘Hello’ in Anangu Pitjantjatjara, the most commonly spoken Aboriginal language? There’s so much to learn. Check this link out if you’re […]

Trivia Tuesday: ‘stan


How many country names end in the suffix ‘stan’?

Trivia Tuesday: Cray-cray

Coat of arms

What country boasts this rather dashing coat of arms?

Trivia Tuesday: Rhodes

Cecil Rhodes

The island of Rhodes belongs to which Mediterranean country? Just so you know, this island has absolutely nothing to do with Rhodes Scholarships which are named after Cecil Rhodes, an Oxford scholar who also happened to be the founder of the De Beers diamond company. Who’s having a nerd burger for lunch? Go on … […]

Trivia Tuesday


To celebrate the Southern Hemisphere spring, today’s Trivia Tuesday comes with open-toed footwear. That’s right kids – if you are one of the first ten people to answer these five questions correctly, you will win a pair of Dupe thongs – huzzah! What are Dupes? They are the super soft Brazilian sister brand to Havaianas. […]