Hawaii – a love story


I just got back from a work trip to Hawaii; eight days, two islands, four journalists and a lot of fancy hotel dinners. I am utterly knackered despite the fact that I’ve been in a South Pacific paradise. Believe it or not, hosting press famils (familiarisation trips) is actually pretty stressful because you’re The Responsible One. […]

Pine Rose Inn, Oakhurst, CA


There are some upsides to winging it in the accommodation game. One of those upsides is Pine Rose Inn. The freshly minted First Husband and I went on a US road trip for the first part of our honeymoon. We landed in LA, drove up the Big Sur to Hearst Castle and then backtracked through […]

Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week: G’day USA


Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week: G’day USA They said it would never happen again, but like so many they’s before them, they got it wrong. Over the past couple of weeks, airfares to the USA have dropped to the bargain-basement prices we haven’t seen since mid-2009, when airline execs across the land swore up […]

Travel Tales: Jack Carty (Look out America, he’s coming your way!)


Free to a good home – shiny new Australian musician Before we launch into Jack’s excellent adventures, I have a very big favour to ask all of you. Does anyone have any contacts in the hotel industry in the USA? Or even just a group of folk music-lovin’ friends who might be able to help Jack […]