Travelling with friends


Travelling with friends By Verity Twydale Travelling with your bestie? That holiday with your BFF might seem like a great idea … until you’re too busy bickering over where to stay and what to eat to enjoy it. Ahhh … holidays. Such a distant memory. But if you’re like the rest of us you’re probably […]

Bay of Fires, Tasmania


Bay of Fires, Tasmania By Verity Twydale Named the world’s ‘hottest’ travel destination for 2009, Tasmania’s Bay of Fires – located on the state’s East Coast – remains one of its best kept secrets. Tasmanians are good at keeping secrets. I remember when my family first emigrated from ‘The Mainland’ and it took us months […]

Shikunga, Kenya


Shikunga, Kenya By Verity Twydale Bumping along a dirt road I’m beginning to realise that I’ll need more than a few Swahili phrases and a mosquito net to get through the next three months. The romanticism of a dramatically wide savannah is quickly wearing off. I’m in the back of a car that’s largely held […]