7 of the best travel apps

The days of having to carry around chunky travel guides, flimsy paper maps and heavy dictionaries on your travels are long gone.

Today, all you need is your smartphone or tablet to do everything, from communicating with the locals and navigating your way around a new city, to finding the best places in town to grab a coffee.

To help you get the most out of your next trip, make sure you don’t leave home without these eight must-have travel apps – guaranteed to help you book, plan, communicate and explore:

1. Google Translate

Instead of stumbling over your Spanish or faltering over your French, download this app to speak to the locals. Break through language barriers with this easy to use app that can translate your speech and text into over 80 languages. You can even star your favourite translations for quick access, even when you are offline.

2. Foodspotting

While there are lots of restaurants and café review apps, this visual food guide lets you hunt down specific dishes in your area – this app rates dishes, not restaurants. So if you have a penchant for paella, a craving for curry or a longing for lasagna, this app will lead you to the best place in town to get that particular dish. The Foodspotting app is available for Android and iPhone

3. Valuables Vault

It’s inevitable that anyone travelling away from home will carry around a number of valuables; from smartphones and tablets, to cameras, e-readers and laptops.  Before you head out of the door, make sure to download this app that helps you to catalogue your valuables, in case anything should happen and you need to claim on your international travel insurance policy. Categorise your belongings and store information, like when and where you bought it, pictures of the items and copies of the receipts.

 4. Duolingo

Before you jet off overseas, why not learn some of the local lingo. This app won Google Play’s ‘Best of the Best’ award in 2013. This free language-learning app lets you earn points and unlock new levels while reading, listening and speaking your new language.

 5. ImageIt

 Another great app to break any language barriers – ImageIt has more than 400 pictograms across a wide range of categories like food, transport, health and shopping, to help you get your message across. You can even draw your own pictures or add in photos taken from your phone camera.

 6. Trip Journal

Trip Journal is designed for travellers wanting to capture their adventures in one app. Collect your trips photos, videos, sketches, audio and location markers, so that you can retrace your steps and relive your memories when you return home. You can also share your trips with friends and family via email, Facebook or YouTube.

This app is available on Android and iPhone.

 7. Jetlag Genie

If you are travelling to a far-flung destination, then it’s essential you recover from jetlag as quickly as possible, so that you can get on with enjoying your trip. JetLag Genie helps you to create a customised plan based on your flight times, destination and sleeping patterns. The app lets you know the best time to sleep, wake, get sunshine or sit in the dark.

Before you jet off on your travels, make sure you have travel insurance for your international trip sorted, to ensure all your valuables such as your smartphone, tablet or laptop are covered.

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