Sponsored video: Airbnb’s fun new ad

I have had mixed experiences with Airbnb, the upshot being that I’m a terrible host but a good guest. I have stayed in Airbnb properties in Tasmania and Brooklyn, NY, with great success.

What I found curious was that all around New York, there were ads promoting how Airbnb was helping residents pay their living costs. I thought that was kind of cool. In a city that struggles to house the millions of visitors who want to come there – and a city that charges exorbitant prices for crappy hotel rooms – Airbnb is a great alternative for tourists. The place I stayed in Brooklyn for USD$80 per night was 100 per cent better than the fancy hotel I stayed at in Midtown for about USD$350 a night.

Airbnb is here to stay. Here’s a fun little ad that was made in NZ that dramatises the Airbnb process. Here are a few fun facts about the making of the film:

• ‘Welcome to Airbnb’ was shot in a 40 x 40 metre warehouse in Auckland, New Zealand
• 9 ‘Cirkus artists’ mechanically moved all the transitions, by hand, as the train moved along the full length of the track
• The castle was 3D printed and then hand painted brick by brick
• Miniature modellers and model painters created more than 100 unique trees, more than 60 hand-cut houses and 240 tailor-made miniature flowers, grasses and shrubs
• 96 figurines were made – including 6 miniatures of real Airbnb guests and 2 dogs
• The film features seven different lighting environments, all happening ‘live’ at the same time
• On the day of the shoot, 85 attempts were made to shoot the whole film, which is just one take – there were plenty more rehearsals
• 18 tables were used to raise the full length train track

Without further ado, here it is!

Sponsored by Airbnb

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  1. Emma Lovell says:

    Great ad – but hard to watch when hungover, so dizzy! haha

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