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Remember the days of films and albums and headless, underexposed people? I kind of miss that. Fortunately there is this new thing called Photobox where you can submit your photos and have them turned into canvas prints or photo books.

Em and Lou

My friend Lou and I at Lord Howe Island. I love this photo of us even if I am apparently using Lou for sun protection

Facebook albums are convenient but there’s something so archival about a hefty book.

Because you guys are goddamn excellent, the Photobox people are giving you the chance to win your own photo book. All you have to do is tell me in 25 words or less in the comment box where you took your most interesting travel shot!

The Photobox peeps will pick this week’s winner – bon chance!

9 Responses to “Photobox comp”
  1. Bev Malzard says:

    Sitting in an old cafe in Turkey having a conversation – not – and coffee with some tough old blokes and a cat walks into the bar. Tough old blokes turn soft and mushy. Photo of one of the guys and an aloof cat.

  2. Nettymac says:

    Istanbul, turkey… Small complex of units a few stories high, as I was getting escorted out of the “no tourist zone” I snapped off an amazing shot that had lots going on in it . ( do u need to see the pic)

  3. Jacqui Jewell says:

    I took my most interesting travel shot (ground level of mother & baby in shallow water) while living in Thailand for a year.

  4. Piccadilly Circus. Two girls in the peak-hour crowd puzzle over a map surrounded the icons of London.

  5. Miss Oh says:

    Flying over Moçambique & the tides had moulded the sand beneath the crystal clear water into a heart. Love!

  6. Rachel says:

    Visiting a small mountain area called Nikko on a crisp autumn day, the sun just peaked through the trees, my photo perfectly captured the tranquility.

  7. In Myanmar (Burma), in the days before it started opening up to the west, a man spotted me sitting outside a temple, went home and fetched his daughter, bringing her on the back of his motorbike so that she could practise her few words of English with me. He had dressed her in her prettiest finery and was very much the proud dad, coaxing his shy little girl to speak! I felt very humbled by their delight in meeting me and often wonder what life is like now for this family. I treasure the photo I took of the little girl.

  8. Kristy mills says:

    Jaisalmer Fort in India’s desert West. Me and an old lady roadside seller/beggar – vivid colour, youth and age in an ancient setting.

  9. After the temple ceremony’s chanting and gongs, a young Tibetan monk tiptoes up to peep over my husband’s shoulder at the picture he’s taking.

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