Tourism Australia’s new logo

Tourism Australia has a new logo. I don’t just like it. I am crazy about it. It’s brave. It’s colourful. It’s reminiscent of the halycon days when tourism was portrayed in a playful and artistic way that shouted ‘Adventure ahoy! Come to our exotic country!’ 

I am so bored of dull corporate whatever-ness. The beige-ification of the world makes me want to weep tears of gin. Today I raise a glass to whoever it was that pushed this past all the nay sayers in suits. Viva la difference!  

Tourism Australia logo

Do you like it?

Do you love it? Does it make you feel like dancing?

2 Responses to “Tourism Australia’s new logo”
  1. Mel says:

    I hope it ushers in a return to the travel posters of old.

    As magnificent as photography is, it could stand aside just for a bit while graphic designers are given free reign to create. I don’t know who did it but the Chamonix one of a train is my absolute favourite…do you know it Em?

  2. @shegoes says:

    I don’t know it babe – will look it up now! x

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