Travel Product Review: Annabel Trends

One of the best things about airports is that they’re full of shops that sell cool travel paraphernalia. From neck pillows to luggage tags, I tend to go a little nutzo because they are in the Land of No Financial Consequences. You know that happy place on the other side of Customs where you can go berserk without ever really wondering if you need another MAC eyeshadow?

For a while now, I have been eyeing off the Annabel Trends range. They are bright (tick), they are quirky (tick) and they are fun (tick tick). Here are some of my favourite products in their range:


























If only men on singles sites were so clearly demarcated! These candy-coloured tags will stand out on the luggage conveyor belt and make your black wheelie bag stand out from the 50 other black wheelie bags. Handy.

Annabel Trends Aero socks RRP $4.95

Say goodbye to frozen aeroplane feet forever with these snuggly socks. They are at least 3 x warmer and more comfortable than the ones they give you on the plane.

Annabel Trends ‘Read My Lips’ Eye Mask RRP $12.95

The perfect way to avoid talking to the over-sharer sitting next to you on a long haul flight. Nighty-night, Chatty … read my face.

Annabel Trends Quick Fix Nail Files RRP $6.95

Can the scientists out there please tell me why the second I set foot off Australian soil, my hands turn into werewolf paws? I can have a perfect manicure turn into a Stephen King plot in a few short hours so that’s why I am never leaving home without these nifty little nail files ever again. Amen.

For stockist details, contact Annabel Trends on 07 5593 4755.

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  1. Mel says:

    I’m always so tempted by airport shops too… not helpful when my carry-on is always jammed full of my random crap! But surely one more pack of lip gloss won’t hurt…

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