Travel Product Review: Juice Beauty Travel Pack

juice-beauty-travel-packTeeny tiny beauty products make me a very happy lady.

It’s not because of some sort of creepy Barbie Doll House flashbacks (although I did love that pink plastic mansion). It’s simply because I fear the tyranny of airport security people.

I don’t want them tossing my expensive products in the bin while I weep quietly and scull 600 mls of water against my will. I have had those uniformed gorgons throw away my sunscreen, toothpaste and deodorant which meant I got sunburnt, plaque-encrusted and stinky in the space of 24 hours.

Subsequently, it was with tangible glee that I received a Juice Beauty Travel Pack. Yummy.

In this handy little pack,I received the following:


  • Cleansing Milk (50ml)
  • Green Apple Peel (7ml)
  • Antioxidant Serum (5ml)
  • Hydrating Mist (50ml)
  • Nutrient Moisturiser (15ml)

In the interests of research, I slathered myself in all of these delicious 100% organic potions. Here is my highly scientific assessment:

  • The Cleansing Milk was a little too rich for my Texan oil well of a face – I am more of a foaming cleanser girl.
  • The Green Apple Peel was very refreshing and tingly. Me likey.
  • The Antioxidant Serum smells gorgeous; feels gorgeous. Could be good for fixing up the aftermath of a hangover if you hypothetically drank too many G&T’s on the plane (naughty, naughty).
  • The Hydrating Mist makes my skin oily but would probably be great for normal humans with normal human skin.
  • The Nutrient Moisturiser is very rich so it’s probably better for evening or for sub-Saharan Africa in summer.

To get your dirty mitts on some of your very own Juice Beauty goodies, please visit

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