Best dirty weekends

Dirty weekend

Where are best places to get sand in your crack?

One of the many excellent things about falling in love is the potential for dirty weekends. While you’re still madly in lust is the perfect time to pack a bag with lingerie, Champagne and not much else.

But the real question is where to go? Where are the best dirty weekend getaways around Sydney In Australia? In the world? Without revealing anything too incriminating, where have you and your beloved, ahem, had a good time?

Tell me your best dirty weekend story and a bottle of┬áRicadonna Prosecco could be yours …

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  1. Bird says:

    Best-ever romantic getaway around Sydney: The Q Station. Formerly known as the North Head Quarantine Station, this hidden gem puts you right in the midst of the Sydney Harbour National Park. Tender romance — together alone, at night, on a secluded beach; wake up to the sound of wild birdsong, and tranquil waters lapping right outside your room, only a few metres away. Then indulge in a leisurely breakfast, and maybe even a morning bushwalk to Manly. Perfect.

  2. I love The Sebel Pier One in Sydney – not too exey, gorgeous views on the sea side and right near The Bar At The End of the Wharf (amazing), Fratelli Fresh (equally amazing) and Ventuno (mouthwatering). Also short walk to The Rocks and the Quay.

  3. Rachel says:

    I think the weather can help make for a fabulous dirty weekend (or mid week). A windy, rainy and bitterly cold couple of days in Victoria, Vancouver Island in Canada meant that wandering the streets and checking out the sights wasn’t the best option, so we holed up in our hotel room at the Chateau Victoria. Lush big beds and a cosy atmosphere was just what we needed.

  4. Anna says:

    I was whisked away to Sydney last year and treated to the amazing Darling Hotel! – How can it not be a dirty weekend when your man is spending that much! Such a beautiful place with awesome views and some of the best restaurants right on the doorstep at The Star. BLACK by Ezard was divine. We actually hardly had to leave the confines of the building for anything. I actually just also spent the weekend at Spicers Tamarind Retreat in Maleny for a kid free weekend! – completely tranquil and a totally different experience from Sydney. Big bed, beautiful bath and spa, private villa – the works!

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