I love staying in other people’s houses. I especially love staying in other people’s houses when they’re not there. It’s not that I’m nosey; it’s more that I get that locked-in-a-department-store feeling of discovery. You get to poke around behind the scenes of someone else’s world; look at their books (and psychologically profile them based on the trash: literature ratio), judge their linen and marvel at their out-of-date fancy mustards. So many things go unnoticed in your everyday environment but in other people’s houses, everything is a clue.

Barcelona. 'Vintage Barcelona' Ciutat Vella

Ciutat Vella in Barcelona is just one of the many super fab properties you can snoop, I mean, sleep in …

Imagine, then, a whole world of other people’s houses that are available to rent. Welcome to HomeAway, the world’s largest holiday rental site with properties of all sizes, shapes and vintages across the globe.

Think historic chalets, minimalist one bedders, crumbly pied a terres and villas overlooking sapphire seas.

According to the site, it’s 50 – 80 per cent cheaper to rent a house than a hotel room based on square metres but beyond that, you get a kitchen, personality and the lived-in warmth of a home rather than a room.



3 Responses to “HomeAway.com.au”
  1. jane says:

    i’ve stayed in a home as opposed to a hotel on hols, its the best way to travel, you get the best experiences

  2. Natureboy says:

    Just back from a trip where we stayed aost every night for 3 weeks in other people’s places. It’s a great way to travel and see how people really live in a country.

    It’s nice to see more of these sites popping up, I’ll have to try this one next time!

  3. Emma says:

    Love it Em!

    Such a great idea. I love staying with friends and house sitting. It’s such a great way to see a country so it’s nice to see there is a service offering this

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