Primped Editor Yasemin Turker shares her beauty tips with Clare Griffin

primped-editor-yasemin-turker-shares-her-beauty-tips-with-clare-griffinPacking for a trip is never a fun task. No matter where you go you will always have luggage limitations; if you’re backpacking, you have to roll your clothes into little logs and pray that everything fits. If you’re hotel hopping, you have limitations on both your suitcase and muscles; where does that holiday super-human strength come from? But the hardest part of packing for a trip is choosing what to put into that plastic bag of survival cosmetics. For those who can’t live without make-up or for those who want to carry cosmetics for certain occasions, Editor Yasemin Turker of beauty website, is here to help.

So, you have your clothes sorted and camera and batteries packed, but you’re staring at your cosmetics wondering how on earth you’re going to apply make-up while you’re backpacking? Yasemin suggests multi-tasking. ‘I like HissyFit Saving Face tinted moisturiser SPF30+, Laura Mercier polished radiant crème colour (that you can use on your lips and cheeks) a waterproof mascara and an eye shadow palate with at least 3 shades.’

With restrictions on international flights being what they are (nothing over 100ml of liquid on a plane) Yasemin has some cheap and helpful advice on what to take on board. ‘In a word (or two) travel minis. These are smaller sized versions of your favourite products and are essential on long-haul flights. I always take a mini deodorant, cleaner, moisturiser, lip balm and facial spritz to avoid too much dehydration. Once on board, remember to drink lots and lots of water, it will help your skin and your jet lag too.’

No matter what climate you’re heading into, whether it be a Russian winter or monsoonal summer, Yasemin has it covered. ‘When you’re in the cold, look for products that are hydrating and soothing. Often in colder climates, there’s indoor heating that adds to the drying effect on your skin. When you’re in hot and humid climates, apply a translucent powder over your make-up to help it stay put.’

Anyone who’s been near an airport recently would have noticed that restrictions on domestic flights within Australia have been lifted and you can now take more than 100ml of liquid on board – great news for those travelling for work or an important event and need a touch up before you land.

Finally, what’s the one item we should never leave home without? ‘Sunscreen! Never give up your sunscreen, it’s the best anti-ageing product you’ll ever find.’

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